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SR TWO Solution Sdn Bhd or in short known as SR2, is a hybrid company that
combines the IT/ICT, Security Surveillance and Network Infrastructure Solution into
one platform to produce various solutions that will fit our clients at best. Since our
inceptions in early 2006, we have tagged and engaged directly and indirectly with
all types of clients from private to government sector mainly in our countries.
As design and technology remains the fundamental conduit in developing
sophisticated and secure solutions, SR2 has always focused in these two areas
throughout our engagement with clients to provide comprehensive and user-friendly
solutions required.

Our company begins its carrier in the smart card identification system development,
consultant and solutions provider. As Malaysia introduces its national identification
known as MyKAD, we have participated deeply in providing smart card and MyKAD
solutions for various clients in the industries for various solutions requested.
At SR2, creativity and technology respond to one another to build value and to form
new avenues for every solution given. For that being said, we was able to develop
our own on shelf MyKAD software with relates to Visitor Management System
(SR2MyGuard™), Time Attendance (SR2MyTIMEkeeper™), Customer Management
System (SR2MyCustomer™) and MyKAD Demographic Engine.
With our strength and knowledge as a smart card solutions provider, we have
managed to create partnership with technology leader in the smart card and
security industry such as HID, OMNIKEY, SOKYMAT, FARGO and DATASTRIP. With such
partners in hand, our products and services in the smart card and security
identification solutions have become completed.

From smart card solutions expert, we have expanded and explored new
opportunities in the security and surveillance system solutions. With HID, INFINIAS,
TRUEN, AXXON and AXIS as partner, SR2 has been able to provide various security
and surveillance solutions that covers all major security modules—CCTV/IP Camera,
IP base Access Control System, Alarm System, Parameter Detection System, Guard
Tour System, and more. As IP becomes part of the world technology medium, SR2
becomes one of the pioneers in providing Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions in the
security and surveillance system in MALAYSIA. With EXTREMENETWORKS, NETGEAR
and FIRETIDE as our partner in providing the network security infrastructure solutions, it
completes our destiny to provide complete working and reliable solutions for every
client we engaged with.

With the ability to explore all FIRETIDE solution, SR2 manages to go into providing a
complete end-to-end wireless infrastructure and WiFi services solution to ISP, TELCO,
and Tower Owners.

With all these solutions in hand, we maintain the highest level of inspiration and
sophistication from each project to ensure every project deliveries and targets are
achieved through our role as consultant. Powerful and reliable solutions are not the
only key of becoming the top notch player, SR2 ensures that every solution, products
and services design will be supported deeply to ensure client’s satisfaction and
continuous business relationship.

All in all, the two divisions have made SR2 as one of the competitive IT/ICT solution
providers and technology partners and consultant in the industry for the products
and services provided.

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