Welcome to SR-TWO Group of Companies

Business Segments

Our expertise lies in the usage and application knowledge of the latest software, hardware and technology the market currently have based on our products and services. With a complete end-to-end solution that we provided in the IT, IP Security & Surveillance and Network infrastructure fields, we are able to produce sophisticated solutions to our clients.

As simple as it can be, we want to become a unique solution provider that combines both latest IT, IP Security & Surveillance and Network infrastructure solutions to suit our targeted clients’ requirements and needs in the business and industry we involved.

fiberopticsAll our artwork and system solution productions are unique and custom-made. It differs from one client to another for security reason. With our precision approach in exchanging ideas about the solution in the making, we develop each client’s artwork and system solution from scratch and shape them into perfection.

grained_gears_with_focalOur solutions uniquely submerge from the combination of the two divisions (IT/ICT & Security and Surveillance) into one single platform where our clients can best opt for their business profit maximization and cost reduction. With ties that we made between major technology partners and manufacturers in the industry we involved, it has made our solutions very effective, reliabel, scalable and affordable.

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