Welcome to SR-TWO Group of Companies

Work Process

To shape an understanding of our clients’ missions and objectives, we listen to our
clients’ ambitions and challenges. Once the objective is clear, strategic goals are
established, outlining the project’s purpose and scope, implementation plan, as well
as technical and budgetary requirements.

A prototype gives the project structure and form. We transform and translate our
client’s language and ideas into required solution.

With client’s feedback integrated into the project plan, the project is then developed
by applying the prototype into blueprint. The development may embrace content,
graphic, page layout, video & audio, hardware & software development, coding &
scripting, and package designing & printing.

A full-scale implementation occurs after the development stage completed. We test
all components of hardware and software as defined in the project to ensure all
requirements are met and satisfied.

After delivery, we analyze and review the project to assess and secure its success. We
implement first level customer support structure to nurture quality assurance of your
projects. If necessary, appropriate documentation and training may be provided as
well as maintenance executions.

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